Clothed Paintings is a project that spans in between art (painting) and clothes (fashion design), emphasizing links between them created using sewing patterns – patterns as a base for painting, not just a base for apparel. Random and/or deformed templates for dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, pants translated onto canvases create dashed lined prints, and as such instruct the cutting the canvas itself. Alternatively, separate fabrics are used to design garments that represent artistic embodiment of paintings. These designed garments appear as symbols of clothes rather than the clothes itself.

In this process the final results, that are a hybrid between painting and clothes, challenge consumers of art to touch, wear, hide and cover themselves up with art pieces, questioning a habitual relationship between the audience and contemporary painting. Simultaneously, interactivity, which is the product of interdisciplinary approach, creates specific mishmash of exhibition and intimate space.


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